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Thread: RRD-6CL not completely turning LED off....why?

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    RRD-6CL not completely turning LED off....why?

    I have 4 ceiling fan/light fixtures in my house. All 4 of these fixtures are the same, which are Hamilton pull chain ceiling fan/light combos. They don't have remotes. Each fixture has the RRD-6CL for the light and the RRD-2ANF for the fan. Each fixture takes 3 bulbs, which I have the same LEDs in all 4 fixtures and they are the Philips 435073 4.5W (40W equivalent) candelabra base bulbs. All 4 are wired identically at the dimmer and fan. The fan for all 4 work properly, but the light for only 3 of the 4 seems to work properly, thus my problem. The one that I'm having the issue with, if I turn the light off by tapping the dimmer or using the iPhone app, the dimmer goes to off state just as it does the other 3, but at this one particular fixture, the light doesn't go completely off, just down to about 5%. This one fixture happens to be in my bedroom, and despite it being so dim, it's still kind of annoying at night. I can get it to turn completely off by pulling the light chain on the fixture, but that kind of defeats the purpose of automation. In addition, when I pull the light chain at the fixture, it turns off the dimmer completely, meaning the dimmer LED's go out. When I pull the chain again, the dimmer LED's go back on, and the LED's in fixture are completely out, but as soon as I turn them on and then back off again, back down to around 5% it goes, not off. I tested this out with the 3 working fixture/dimmers, and when I pull the light chain to shut the light at the fixture, the little dimmer LED's still stay on. Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this and why, with this one fixture? I can't make sense of it considering everything seems identical and really want to get it fixed. My only thought is the wiring at the fixture itself might be backwards, as I didn't install those, but played around with reversing some of the wiring at the dimmer and it didn't solve the problem, so not sure that it's that. Maybe a defective dimmer, but again, doesn't quite make sense. Thank you.

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    Actually, one thing of note, is the 3 working units are on a 3-way and the only difference in the wiring is the traveler to the remote dimmers. The one not working properly is only on a 2-way. Could this be effecting how it's shutting off, and why it's cutting out power if I pull the chain, and if so, is there a way to fix it? Thanks!

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    The lamp you are using is not on Lutron's approved list. You may call their customer service line to see if that particular lamp has been tested. The power for the LED read-out on the RRD-6CL is keeping the lamps on in that particular application. When you pull the chain, you are opening the circuit and killing power to the lamps and the dimmer- which is why the read-out goes off. You might try a RRD-10ND on that particular circuit to see if you can correct the problem, or change the lamps out to something that is on Lutron's approved list:
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    i had the EXACT same problem with a tabletop dimmer. when i would turn it off it would dim down to almost off, but not quite. i even had an incandescent load! i changed it out under warranty and all is fine now. its possible yours is defective to. i know its a different switch, but im sure the internals are similar...

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