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Thread: Moving from Lutron MIR-600MT-WH/SP-600M to Maestro MRF2-6CL-WH for LEDs ?

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    Question Moving from Lutron MIR-600MT-WH/SP-600M to Maestro MRF2-6CL-WH for LEDs ?

    My current setup, installed by me 10 years ago:
    Room1 - Lutron MIR-600MT-WH with IR remote in one room, no companion switches, 5 incan bulbs in the fan

    Room2 - Lutron SP-600M (I believe, due to the remote model #) with SP-HT IR remote and 2 companion switches, 4 incan bulbs in the fan

    Room3 - Lutron SP-600M with SP-HT IR remote and one companion switch, 4 incan bulbs in the fan

    Room4 - Unknown Lutron, NO remote, single location, 4 incan bulbs in the fan. Switch is similar in looks/operation to the above, but non-remote capable.

    I have purchased a large # of GE General Purpose 60W dimmable LEDs from a Target deal, Model 70231 (too new to show most places online), that do NOT work with these switches in initial testing. My test involved replacing a single incan with an LED, and then a second test of unscrewing all other incans and using one LED. The LEDs dimmed well, stopping at about 25% or less brightness level, but then would not go lower, nor more importantly, turn off. There are suggestions that replacing all the incans in a fan MAY result in them turning off, I need to test that next, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Replacing this stack of LEDs with something else is not in the budget any time soon, and I'd rather update to newer switches with more capabilities to future-proof if I'm going to spend a lot of money. Getting "tested compatible bulbs" still wouldn't guarantee they'd work with my current switches, and would cost a MINIMUM of 3-4 times what I paid for what I have. I'd be better off going to simple on/off switches at that point, but I really want dimming capabilities.

    I'm looking for replacement remote control Lutron switches, and the Maestro MRF2-6CL-WH and PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 Pico remote look to be a comparable replacement for LEDs, but I have questions:

    1 - what would I use for the companion switches on the multi-location circuits? The MA-R-WH?

    2 - Does the pairing procedure with the MRF2-6CL-WH and Pico remote remove interference issues? IOW, when I control the lights in the TV room with the Pico, will it not try to control the adjacent room if each MRF2-6CL is properly paired with its own Pico remote? It seems so via the Pico instruction sheet, just want verification.

    3 - what is the recommended NON-remote dimmer for the single-location Room4? The MACL?153M used as single location? The MACL?153M shows at for incan, CFL, and LEDs

    4 - are there any other concerns I should have?

    I'm not going to buy every switch/dimmer at once, I want to start with a single dimmer/Pico for the single-location Room1 to test with these bulbs before buying another 3 dimmers, 2-3 remotes, and 3 companion switches. But this is a big outlay for me right now, and I'd like to plan for it properly. But if they work, another bulb can be added to the compatibility list for these newer switches (and due to the VAST number of people I see online buying this exact bulb from the Target deal, more might have the same questions).

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    Anyone here?

    More than a week and no response to a detailed question?

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    1. You are correct, for 3-way applications you would need to use the MA-R.

    2. Each time you link a Pico, it will create a unique address with that unit. The Pico will only control multiple dimmers if you link the remote up to multiple dimmers. There would not be any interference otherwise.

    3. Correct, the MACL-153M would be the non-RF solution in Maestro that will be compatible with CFLs and LEDs. Similar to the MRF2-6CL however, you would want to make sure you are choosing LEDs from the dimmers compatibility list, found at

    4. If you do not see the bulb you are using on our compatibility list, you may wanted to consider contacting the LED manufacturer to see if they have tested it and have dimmers they recommend (sometimes they are designed to work with specific type of dimmers). The CL dimmers however will almost always be a much better choice than the older MIR-600 or SP-600 dimmers.

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