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Thread: Controlling Central Fan from Multiple Bathrooms

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    Controlling Central Fan from Multiple Bathrooms

    Saw a customer question that I thought was worth sharing...

    Attached will be a project where a user can control a fan from four different bathrooms.

    The way the control works will be:
    If Person 1 pressed a bathroom keypad button for the fan, the LED will light up and the fan will be on. If person 2 goes into a different bathroom and pressed a button to control the same fan, the LED will be on but nothing will happen. If Person 1 pressed the button to leave, the fan will stay on (because person 2 still has the button activated), but the LED will be off. When person two presses the button to leave, the LED and Fan will be off.

    Programming model for the keypad buttons is:

    If the fan is off, the keypad’s variable will be true and fan will turn on.
    If the fan is already on, it will query if all other keypad variables are false. If they are, the fan will turn off and the variable for the local keypad will be false.
    If one or more keypad Variables are true, then the local keypad’s variable will toggle between true and false depending on button press.
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