I feel Feature request should have it's own sticky.
These are notes from multiple jobs.

Can not cross zone descrip on two main system. Exp. Each repeater has landscape loads. In the design area i can't choose zone location from rep 1 to rep 2 or vise versa

Can not tab between buttons in programing. Would like to tab to next button and keep typing. No type, click, type, click....
I may have posted that one before

Buttons default to single/multi. I would think toggle or path would be the most used option.

No "save as" default keystroke

No "shared" path

Annoying. Screen jumps in programing. This may be screen resolution issue. When i hover my mouse over the Zone Box I want to click the screen jumps up or down and away from the mouse. Kinda annoying

Delete button but LED still on after programing. Have to change button kit sometimes to get it to go away.

Why do postions change when you change button layout then you loose your button/programing? Was a complaint but look like it was fixed. Cool
Why is contact info not auto filled from project info? Same. Looks to be fixed

Firefox does not like XML file. Any ideas?

Copy complete Kypd to another area?

Notes area

Have noticed improvements I took out of this list.