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Thread: Pool Integration

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    Pool Integration

    Thrown at me by a costumer. Anyone done full pool integration?
    I have take the pool/spa lights of the relays and setup with 8ANS but have not messed with the pumps, heaters, Ect.
    Would not want to unless it's a pool control system that works with Ra2.


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    Ra2 cannot directly interface with pool controllers. You would need to go through a third party. Maybe someone can chime in as to which third party system would work. What pool controller are you trying to work with?
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    Use a rti XP6 or XP8 processor, static the lutron mst... Use Pentair or aqua link rs-232 to the Xp processor. Set up phantoms on the mst repeater. Button presses on the phantom control the pool automation . Easy.
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