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Thread: Universal Remote Control Dimmers and conversion to Radio Ra 2?

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    Universal Remote Control Dimmers and conversion to Radio Ra 2?


    I am a A/V designer/installer/programmer and I am switching from using URC products to a different control system. In my own home I have several URC branded dimmers (made by Lutron) and I want to be able to control the URC dimmers and switches with my new control system using Radio Ra WiFi based controllers.

    Some of my 4-pole dimmers (with 3 switch locations) have the URC branded main dimmer RF unit and Lutron accessory modules I bought right from amazon and they integrated just fine.

    My URC dimmers are of the 418 MHz variety (not 433.92). Before I spend $400 on the Lutron module I would like to know if my URC branded dimmers and switches will integrate.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    The Universal RF dimmers that you are referring to will not work with the Radio RA system. These dimmers would need to be replaced with the system dimmers to be compatible with the system.

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