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Thread: Help needed! 1000 Watts LEDs on RRD-10ND - do I need a PHPM-PA?

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    Exclamation Help needed! 1000 Watts LEDs on RRD-10ND - do I need a PHPM-PA?

    Help needed!

    So I have a client has decided to go LEDs due to the high wattage Incandescent issue in his installation - 2400 watts on one circuit.

    So we spec'd out an LED candelabra bulb that will work at 25 Watts and is listed to work with the10ND.

    However, I am uncertain that the 1000 watts of LEDs will work on the 10ND. The new bulbs comes out to be exact 1000 watts -
    8 bulbs per fixturex25 watts=200 200 watts x 5 fixtures=1,000 watts

    And I seem to recall that the LEDs draw a lot more power when ramping on. My instincts are telling me to add in the PHPM-PA anyways due to the ramp on issue.

    However, it seems towork fine in the RA2 software - no caution signs pop up.

    And the electrician has agreed to install the 10ND in its own box so no deganging issues there.

    But I still have a nagging feeling the PHPM-PA is still needed.

    Thank you in advanace - I so appreciate your feedback & suggestions!

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    You mean equivalent to a 25w incandescent light output? But how much power do they actually use? 6w? Usually it is a factor of 4 derating meaning 250w of leds or 41 6w bulbs.

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    Ughhhh! Blond moments are so embarassing. Thank you!

    Yes - it would be 3.8 watts instead so 160 total. So I should be fine.

    Toshiba bulb 4B11/27CF-UP
    8bulbs x4 watts=32 32x5 fixtures=160

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    RA2-Designer-Gal, see the LED Product Selection Tool at The specific page for the lamps you are using is here:

    Max number of these lamps per Lutron's testing is 39 on a 10ND, power module isn't listed as compatible with these bulbs. You can call the LED hotline at 877-DIM-LED8 and see if they have some updated numbers.
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    Seems weird that the older 6ND support 57 but the newer 6ND only support 39 and the 10ND doesn't support any additional.

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    When we tested this application, the numbers represent a consistent and steady dimming to the best performance possible with the specific dimmers selected.

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    Thanks for the clarification. Still surprising that there is such a big difference in the 'best performance maximum' between a hwd-6nd and a rrd-6nd.

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