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Thread: 8.0 is great! A suggestion for 9.0!

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    8.0 is great! A suggestion for 9.0!

    Thanks for sorting out all of our various requests for software/UI changes- 8.0 really is a big improvement.

    My big gripe at this point regarding UI with QS software is the constant resizing & scrolling. I was working with a wallbox-based job today, moving devices around to reflect the as-built. Several room controls were remotely located in the basement to enhance aesthetics.
    If a device controls a zone in another room, by default you cannot read the entire zone name without dragging windows to a larger size. These 'cells' are very hard to 'grab'. If you navigate away from that screen and then return, you'll find your 'fix' undone.
    Before resizing:
    6NA ights
    10ND nce
    8ANS let

    After resizing:
    6NA 1st Floor- Family Rm- Downlights
    10ND 2nd Floor- Master Bedroom- Left Sconce
    8ANS Attic- Front Kneewall- Window Outlet

    Also, when editing scenes, the assignable zones window constantly re-scrolls when selecting a new scene.

    Generally I want to scroll or resize once, and leave it that way until I decide to resize or scroll again. If 9.0 can do this I'm going to be really excited. I'm not sure I've even found every improvement in 8.0 but I'm very glad the design team at Lutron listens. Thanks again!

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    Thank you for this feedback

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    This would also be very helpful for the "equipment" design tab when looking at dimming panels.

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