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Thread: Initial Cycle Dim Direction on RF Keypads

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    Initial Cycle Dim Direction on RF Keypads

    Currently, on RF keypads, you are only able to start a cycle dim with a raise and not a lower. Even though the software says you have control over this, you don't. According to tech support RF keypads can ONLY raise as their first direction; this makes the homeowner have to press and hold, release, and press and hold again to get the lights to dim. Lutron, is there any plan to change this? It is especially confusing for clients who are used to the old way and have now upgraded and are using retro-fit RF QS stations now. Thanks.

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    Thank you for this feedback. This will be changed in a future release of the RF keypads and they will be able to be configured from the software to start raising or start lowering first. At this time, we do not have a tentative date as to when this feature will be implemented.

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