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Thread: Feature request - Disable local control.

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    Feature request - Disable local control.

    Especially in commercial locations where traditional light switches have been replaced with a RA system.

    The RA switches get inadvertently activated by customers. This probably couldn't be accomplished programatically but would a replacement switch/rocker plate be possible?

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    Since there is not a way to prevent the dimmer from locally controlling its load you could use a locking cover. A part number for a 1 gang locking cover is ?GRX-1GLC?.

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    I had this request on a project and I pulled the clear palstic insert off behind the tap switch cover and clipped the little stud that presses the button on the device.... Probably not recommended by lutron but it worked for my situation

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    Is there any progress on this? Every other smart switch has the ability to remove local control and force users to use the app/schedule.

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