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Thread: Maestro dimmer controlling wrong lights

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    Question Maestro dimmer controlling wrong lights

    I have 2 maestro MA-600 dimmers (call them M1 and M2) each controlling its own set of counter lights. The dimmers are on opposite sides of the kitchen. On the gang plate, each is next to the main kitchen dimmer (M3). M1 is next to M3, while M2 is next to M3 remote. M1 and M2 had been working fine for the last 15 years. This month after a storm and a power outage, M1 now inexplicably controls M2's lights and vice versa. I tried looking at the wiring behind the dimmers but dont see any loose wires.

    Any ideas? A short perhaps?

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    This is definitely a strange one. With MA-600 dimmers, the only way for them to start controlling the other load is if the wires for each load were physically swapped between the dimmers. If there was a short on the power wires, then both dimmers would end up controlling both loads at the same time.

    Just a couple of questions:
    Are these really MA-600 dimmers?
    Did you read that model number from the stickers on the back of the dimmers themselves?
    Are you controlling these loads from the large tapswitch on the front of the dimmer itself, or are you controlling it through some kind of keypad, or remote control?

    The only thing we can think of is that these dimmers may be part of a home system, such as Homeworks, and something happened to the programming on them.

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    I just talked to Tech support about an interesting situation I have.. It's similar though and also very strange based on how these switches work.

    I have a maestro 600 controlling lights in my family room connected to Circuit Breaker box A and has been working fine for 2 years or more. I just installed another Maestro 600 in a space I am converting for my kids to use (Teenagers!) which is connected to Circuit breaker box B. When I dim the lights from the new switch it also affects the other room. Yes these are on completely different circuits as they are on different breaker boxes even. I am using the switch, no home automation or even an IR Remote (These are technically Maestro IR switches)

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