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Thread: Want to learn more about the Hi-lume A-Series LED Driver?

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    Want to learn more about the Hi-lume A-Series LED Driver?

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    We sell LED's from a belgian lighting company and we want to control them with the Hi-lume A-Series LED Driver. I tried using the LED Driver Selection Tool, but I have a problem. I insert my control type (ecosystem), for factor, driver output (constant current with PWM). The thing is that my luminaire works at 180 mA and the selection tool starts at 200 mA. How can I control this specific model with the Hi lume LED Driver? Is it possible?
    Please advise,

    Thanks in advance

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    Good morning,

    Our Hi-Lume A-Series constant currnet drivers, regardless if it is PWM or CCR, only has the ability at their lowest output to achieve 200mA. Currently we do not have any constant current drivers capable of controlling 180mA LED load.

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    Want to learn more about the Hi-lume A-series LED Driver?

    Hello everyone,The Hi-lume A-Series LED driver is the world’s first LED driver to offer smooth, continuous 1% dimming for virtually any LED fixture – whether it requires constant current or constant voltage – making it the most versatile LED driver available today.FeaturesDims continuously from 100% to 1% lighting levelSupports a wide range of current and voltage levels (up to 40 Watts)Rated for a 50,000 hour lifetimeHi-lume A-Series LED driver allows you to choose either constant current reduction (CCR) or pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming for constant current driversPrecision microprocessor control and integral thermal management deliver energy savings and extended product lifeOne driver family for all fixture types to ensure consistent operationSpecificationsConstant Current model available for 200 mA to 2.1 A (in 10 mA steps), 5 W to 40 WConstant Voltage model available for 10 Volts to 40 Volts (in 0.5 V steps), 5 W to 40 WAvailable in two form factors to fit almost any LED fixtureStick driver: 359 mm x 30 mm x 25 mmCompact driver: 124 mm x 76 mm x 25 mmUL recognized (for the US and Canada)Universal input voltage (120–277 V, 50–60 Hz)Class 2 rated output available

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    Thanks for the solution please keep sharing this kind of solutions

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