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Thread: Can I put to PHPM-PA-120-WH on to a RRD-10D dimmer?

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    Can I put to PHPM-PA-120-WH on to a RRD-10D dimmer?

    Can I put two PHPM-PA-120-WH on to a RRD-10D dimmer?

    On this link:

    It says Up to 3 power modules may be wired on a single GRAFIK Eye zone. So I am hoping this is the same for a in wall dimmer as well like the RRD-10D dimmer.

    And will each PHPM-PA-120-WH add 1920 watts to what the dimmer can handle? Would one use a 6d or 10d or does it matter? It sounds like the PHPM determines the load so a 6d would be fine.

    I need 2400 watts on a single dimmer for incandescent loads.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Specs for the PHPM modules require a neutral wire dimmer to control the PHPM. The 10D will not work. Tech support might be able to help and see if the 6CL might be the answer.
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    The PHPM-PA interface needs a neutral wire control so the RRD-10ND dimmer would be the proper dimmer to use. You can control up to 3 interfaces from the same dimmer.

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    Exclamation Help needed! 1000 Watts LEDs on RRD-10ND - do I need a PHPM-PA?

    Help needed!

    So this client has decided to go LEDs due to the high wattage Incandescent issue.

    So we spec'd out an LED candelabra bulb that will work at 25 Watts and is listed to work with the10ND.

    However, I am uncertain that the 1000 watts of LEDs will work on the 10ND. The new bulbs comes out to be exact 1000 watts -
    8 bulbs per fixturex25 watts=200 200 watts x 5 fixtures=1,000 watts

    And I seem to recall that the LEDs draw a lot more power when ramping on. My instincts are telling me to add in the PHPM-PA anyways due to the ramp on issue.

    However, it seems towork fine in the RA2 software - no caution signs pop up.

    And the electrician has agreed to install the 10ND in its own box so no deganging issues there.

    But I still have a nagging feeling the PHPM-PA is still needed.

    Thank you in advanace - I so appreciate your feedback & suggestions!

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    Ughhhh! Blond moments are so embarassing. LED bulbs are 4 watts not 25 watts so I should be fine.

    Thank you so very much for your help!

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