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Thread: How to assign QS GrafikEye's load using Homework QS software

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    How to assign QS GrafikEye's load using Homework QS software

    Hi, in practice i using combination of HW processor with LQSE module. Now I try to use GrafikEye QS with HW processor. However, it seem different way to configure for GrafikEye's load zone 1-zone 4. Any idea how to do it? thanks.

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    Unfortunately, from the post we are not sure what is the application you are trying to achieve. To assign loads to the Grafik Eye QS, please go to the "Design->Controls" tab and expand the Grafik Eye QS. From that menu, you will be able to select how many loads the Grafik Eye will have as well as what load type, wattage, etc. If this is not the application required, please provide a detailed description of the application and where you are looking in the software.

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    Hi Armando. I had found my solution. Thanks.

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