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Thread: SIVOIA QS Wireless Triathlon Control

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    Post SIVOIA QS Wireless Triathlon Control


    Please I need to get a confirmation of some sort. I ordered the triathlon system and have received the item but somehow pico remote was not ordered along with the rest of the items.

    We have the PK-2B-MAW-L01 in stock and I was wondering if these are compatible with the triathlon shades so we can deploy it for an installation due to start tomorrow as we do not have the luxury of time to order any of the PK-2BRL-MAW-S0X

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    These PICOs can control Triathlon shades that are 868MHz units. These shades will have a K in the part number instead of a J.

    One warning for the PK-2B-MAW-L01. Because it doesn't have raise/lower buttons, you will not be able to change the upper and lower limits.

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