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Thread: Cree LR6 Bright Turn On with RRD-10ND

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    Cree LR6 Bright Turn On with RRD-10ND

    Hi folks.

    I have two Cree LR6 down lights that are controlled by an RRD-10ND. The 10ND is specified to work with the LR6 based off of a Lutron Report Card.

    The one issue I'm having is that when the dimmer is first turned on, the two lights flash on very brightly at first before dimming back down to the proper turn on level. Is this normal behavior? It just doesn't look at cool or nice as it does when turning on incandescent bulbs.


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    Did you set the minimum and max levels per the Lutron report card? If not, I'm not sure what the issue is.

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    Yes I did set the lower end trim as recommended. It might just be how these lamps react. I have some CR6 cans on 6CL dimmer, and they work much better. I might try switching the 10ND to either a 6CL or 6NA to see if it works any better.


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    i had a similar issue with LED cans flashing full brightness before settling at the proper dim level, but this was happening with a CL dimmer. i changed to a 6NA and that fixed it

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