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Thread: HWQS controlling Raritan PX3 PDU

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    Question HWQS controlling Raritan PX3 PDU

    Hi All,

    Hoping I can find some advise here on how to successfully integrate my Lutron HomeworksQS system with a Raritan PX3 PDU. My goal is to have a few ports on the PDU powered off/on when various buttons/functions are done in the lutron system.

    The PDU has a username and password on it, and from what I can see it looks like the Lutron system isn't recognising that it has been successfully logged in. It appears that Lutron is constantly sending the username and passwords to the PDU, even after a successful authentication. I am not sure which prompt its expecting to say 'im logged in'. I am able to successfully log in and send the commands when using terminal on my machine, just not from lutron.

    I am using the 'outboundconnections' command in lutron terminal to see the communication, and I can see that login is successful, yet the username and password are repeatedly sent.

    any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you for your post Jordan.

    We do have an app note about Integration with Ethernet and RS-232 Devices found here at

    Based on the description you have provided we do believe you would be follow scenario 2 found on page 5. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Josh,

    I had read that document. However, after re-reading it for what had to be the 10th time I was able to figure out a couple of settings that I needed to make everything work. Turns out I needed to add the RS232 terminator for Line Feed to make everything happen. Once I did this everything kicked in and was happy!

    Thanks for the help

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