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Thread: Lutron Homeworks QS and QS Shades

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    Lutron Homeworks QS and QS Shades


    Am having some issues with Lutron QS Shades working properly with Lutron Homeworks QS

    I am currently using Version 6.20 for the Lutron Homeworks QS.

    The Lutron Shade guys was replacing a QS Shade. They pressed the Configuration button on the Shade Motor and subsequently this messed up the programming for the lights and others on the Keypad.

    This has happened a couple of times and unfortunately they are always there without informing us.

    Is there any current issues that I should be aware of?

    Thank you.

    Jeffrey Ng

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    Please be aware, it is unlikely replacing a shade made any change in the lighting programming as well as affect keypad operation out side of the shade. Was the shade re-added to the system? We would recommend calling our technical support team from site at 1-800-523-9466 in order to help determine the cause of the issue and help resolve it.

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    It's very unlikely that any adjustments made on the EDU would interrupt any other part of the system, what is more likely is a damaged cable at some point giving you issues on the QS link this is very common especially with EDU's which either haven't been installed well or have been damaged at some point. The only function the buttons on the EDU serve are to configure and reset the EDU only, the only other thing you could possibly do with and EDU's buttons would be via integration.

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