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Thread: Converting from RadioRA to Caseta but have a question

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    Question Converting from RadioRA to Caseta but have a question

    Im upgrading my RadioRA to a Casaeta system (to also include thermostats.) While planning it out the one thing I noticed I will miss is the "all off" button of my RadioRA when i leave the house.
    Has anyone used a PICO remote to accomplish this or does everyone use the app? There would be approximately 25 different switches I would need to control with one remote. I would mount the remote by my front door if I can get this to work.

    In addition, i assume I can use multiple PICO's in the house to control different functions? (hallway 3 way switch, remote switch for outside lights etc.)

    Any opinions? Thank you in advance.

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    I have a one just that with a Pico, have it mounted by the security panel and it can shut all the light off when I leave, or on when returning.

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    The Home/Away Pico is designed for just that.


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    Thank You! Looks like Ill use one of the PJ2-2B Pico remotes!

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