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Thread: Gate operator

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    Gate operator

    Looking for input here...
    Have a gate with a dry contact that will close while gate is in motion and open once stopped. Does not differentiate between opening and closing.
    I want this action to turn on a landscape lighting scene for an hour.
    I have a VCRX near gate.

    Can I use the "momentary" closure from the gate as an input on the VCRX. This input will turn on a scene and I will enable rollback for an hour. The only problem with this option is that I have several keypads allowing control of this same scene, which I think would create a messy situation-lights will seem to be on all the time to the HO.

    I can also make this work with relays and but I am really trying to simplify this as much as possible.

    Am I missing something here? Does anyone have any similar experience with the rollback feature?

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    That should work, but you'll have issues if running the same lights on Rollback and timeclocks. I would make the landscape just a scene that is activated by button push, either by keypad or the VCRX/input. Create multiple "off" timeclocks for the landscape lighting to avoid the rollback overriding keypad presses. Or strictly run the landscape on rollbacks. Mixing the two methods will result in homeowner complaints from "strange behavior".
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