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Thread: Question on RPM panel system components

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    Question on RPM panel system components

    I'm kind of confused regarding the various panels and parts needed to have an RPM based system. All the HWQS systems I've installed before have been with Wallmount power modules and my experience with RPM based systems have been with Homeworks Illuminations systems so hopefully someone can help me a bit.

    1. Is it safe to spec RPM-4U for most LED lights the way you would with CL dimmers and reserve the RPM-4A for ELVs and special loads or is it better to spec RPM-4A from the start? I've used LED lights for RPM-4U in HWI systems with good results but not sure if that's the accepted way
    2. What panels do I need if for example I need 16 RPMs. Do I still need a low voltage panel like the LV-21 to go with the two HWI-PNL-8 or can I just get the two HWI-PNL-8's since each has room for a power supply and processor? I'm guessing I'd need the LV panel for sure if I go with the panels that come with breakers.
    3. If I go with an HWAP panel that has its own arc fault breakers, what brand of arc fault breakers work with that? Do they come with the panel or do I need to order extra?
    4. Does the QS Link connect directly to the HWI-MI-120 or is there an adapter I need? I ask because it looks just like the Illuminations MI and remember hearing that for conversion to QS we'd need to pay a license fee so not sure. I probably should have paid more attention. Does the HWI-MI-120 come with the panel?
    5. Does the design software tell me if I need a 2nd power supply when I choose my wired keypads?


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    1. Yes. This is how I do it. Always best to have all of your fixtures spec'd before design so you can be certain of load type but then life happens.
    2. You don't need a LV-21 for every job but it's a good idea. I find that HWAP panels are easiest to troubleshoot but if the budget is tight you can't always spec them.
    3. They come with AFCI Square D breakers.
    4. MIs require a dedicated link on the QS processor. No adapter, no License. HWI-MI-120 is a separate item from the PNL devices both on BOM and as-shipped.
    5. No. Most projects should be fine if you spec a 75 watt power supply per 2-link processor unless you load both links with 75+ keypads.

    Lutron is starting a big push to DIN Panels and controls. I haven't started the conversion mentally but you should be aware it's their path forward. Link design is certainly simpler- QS link can now have dimming panels and keypads on one link.

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    Thanks for the information digit1. Anything they can do to consolidate links is a good thing. I hope they have a road show about it soon because I haven't been to one in a couple of years and they were very useful.

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