The scene pico I speak of is PJ2-4B-GWH-P03, also referred to as "any room". It comes pre-engraved with "Bright", "Entertain", "Relax", and "Off". I've used this type of pico with Caseta and it was great because it lets you have 4 different zones controlled from the same pico much like a keypad would. Of course, it won't toggle and it's a single scene but for people with Caseta or Ra2 Select who don't get keypads, it's a great way to control the whole house when they walk in the door at night and not want to fiddle with their app. Just hit "Bright" and turn on the house or "off" before they leave.

On the back, it also says it's compatible with Radio Ra2 and Homeworks QS, but in the software, I don't see this particular pico. The only 4 button Pico I see is PJ2-4B-GWH-L31 which has 4 blank buttons and they all have to control the same zones.

Why do they not have this pico on the full radio ra2 and have it on Ra2 select? This means that the promise that all you need to upgrade Ra2 Select to full Ra2 is to replace the main repeater and reprogram the dimmers and picos is a lie. If you did a Ra2 select install and had 6 of these picos, if you try to upgrade to Radio Ra2, you're out of luck and can't do it without installing electrical boxes (which often involves some damage if there was no power there to start with), and you have to spend another thousand dollars in keypads.

Don't get me wrong, I now keypads are better but I'm going to be looking at a job that has a lot of pocket doors and putting in a pico at the door with the dimmers hidden would be perfect since you can't install a box with a pocket door behind it. Now I have to tell them that they can't have the "nice" system and have to get the inferior system. It makes no sense.