I've a situation where it would be convenient to have a button on a Hybrid keypad be used for button pressing only.

No Ra2 devices or scenes would be attached to it.

I've got one set up for it and the repeater does send a press/release pair of commands. It's device# 158. The 'unprogrammed' button is #2. Here's what the repeater log shows when I press it:


However, it does not send an LED change. Should it? The LED on the keypad does toggle on/off when pressed. When queried the button LED state does return the current state (on or off).

But if a button has no devices, then should it be toggling it's LED? And if it's going to toggle it's LED, shouldn't it also send those messages?

I have another button on this keypad set for a room monitoring scene. The repeater log does show the button being pressed AND the LED state being changed. This is button# 1.


I see it setting device# 127 to off, as expected. But what are the additional 29 and 30 output responses? The integration doc makes no mention of 29,8 or 30,1,0.00. These are not directly related to my question, but I'm curious about what those are, also.

I checked and MONITORING,4,1 is set (for LED monitoring).

So is this a bug in the way a keypad button is logged by the repeater?