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Thread: CL Dimmer DVWCL-153PH

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    CL Dimmer DVWCL-153PH

    Installed 1 of these for Kitchen overhead incandescents and it works great.

    Installed 3 in a gang in the Family Room, 1 works great dimming a mix of incandescent, CFL and LED bulbs in table lamps. The other two, control two sets of overhead lights: 1 set incandescent with 2 bulbs; and, 1 set incandescent/CFL with 4 bulbs. These two sets dim fine, but they will not shut off with rocker switch. I checked the wiring and all three sets are wired the same. They worked fine on an old, cheap x-10 dimmers. Thoughts?

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    Hello RickV,
    Thank you for your post! It sounds like in the area that you have the DVCL-153P installed iwth 1 set incandescent/CFL with 4x bulbs where they are dimming fine, but will not shut off completely is potentially a wiring issue or a defective dimmer. We would advise contacting Lutron Tech Support @ 1888-588-7661 to do some basic troubleshooting at the application to help identify what is causing the issue.


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