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Thread: 100W Daylight LED compatible with P-PKG1W-WH remote switch

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    100W Daylight LED compatible with P-PKG1W-WH remote switch

    I have the P-PKG1W-WH remote switch connected to a lamp with 5 bulbs in it. They are 100W equivalent LEDs from TCP. When the switch is turned on there's often flickering and a few second delay, so I suspect a compatibility issue with the bulbs. Is there a dimmable LED 100W equivalent that is daylight (5000K)? I can't find a recommended one on the website. Thanks.

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    Hi Carolyn,
    We are sorry to hear about the issues that you are having. At this time, there is no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs. Because they are all made differently, they will all react differently to the dimming signals that dimmers create. Lutron keeps it's LED compatibility tools up to date with the latest and best bulbs they have tested and approved. These are the only bulbs Lutron can recommend being used for the best dimming performance.


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