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Thread: Grafik eye 3106 help

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    Grafik eye 3106 help

    Hi, first post on what looks like a great forum.

    I am currently carrying out an electrical installation on a large property in the UK.

    The architect has specified the use of Lutron grafik eye 3106.

    He has specified

    1 x 6 zone controller to run the lights in the kitchen ( set up and works fine )
    1 x 6 zone controller to run the dining room, hallway, landing and lounge
    1 x 6 zone controller to run the master bedroom and en-suite lighting

    Each room will have its own wall station with the lights in the rooms working independently.

    Now this is where my problem is. I was always under the assumption you needed to have 1 control box for each individual room.

    I have run through the installation booklet but it doesn't really say anything about programming the switches to switch certain zones/rooms? is this possible? if so can anyone (in lamens terms) explain to me how I go about programming this?

    The architect has used this system on other properties and is positive it should work.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    The programming would depend on the wallstations you have. See the link below for programming the SG keypads to the Grafik Eye 3106. Please be aware, the keypads can only call the Graik Eye scenes; they will not be able to control individual zones.

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    Thank you for the reply.
    We are using the European ERX 4S wall stations.
    I understand that the wall station dip switches can be set so they either control scenes 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 etc etc.
    I can't see how I can program a wall station to say, switch just the lights on in the en suite and another wall station to switch on just the lights on in the bedroom. Surely the scenes will mean the lights will go off if a wall station is activated in another room?
    Basically I'm after a definitive answer if this will work or not?
    Many thanks

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    It sounds like you are trying to have individual zones controlled. However, the GRX-3106 only supports scene control. What you can do, is to have scenes where some of the zones are unaffected, so that a button press will only turn on some zones to the level desired, and leave the rest unaffected. In order to program a zone to be unaffected during scene control, please take the zone all the way down to 0%, then release the down arrow of the zone, then hold it again until the middle 3 LEDs stay lit, and the zone says "UA" for "Unaffected".

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    Why not up sell the customer to Grafik Eye QS, so many more features including zone control and advanced button mapping? Besides Lutron have already said as of 1/1/2015 there will be no more 3106's available apart from what's on the shelf, better to stay current I think.

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