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Thread: Help a newbie

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    Help a newbie

    First time on this forum. I just completed shade training. I have two questions:

    Q1. I have a room that has six (6) 20x84 windows and one (1) 36x84 window. All will be internally mounted. All will use WSF-S3001-E-1 fabric. I selected the Roller 20 for the 20x84 windows. In an effort to make all of the windows look the same, can I use the Sivoia QS wired roller 20 for the larger window (21 sq ft)?

    Q2. I have a 37x84 window. It will be internally mounted. It will use WSF-S3001-E-1 fabric. I selected the Sivoia QS wired Roller 100. I selected the wall-brackets and then I tried to select the fascia with top back cover. When I do this, the selected brackets disappear. I can only select the brackets or the top treatment. What am I doing wrong (or is this behavior correct)? I realize that I can order the top treatment or the mounts separately. I am just making sure that I am not doing something wrong.

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    1. Generally the "20" refers to 20 square feet. The only way to be 100% sure is to plug the numbers into the software. I'm going to say probably not.

    2. The fascia generally includes the brackets. It should say "/Bkts" at the end of the fascia description.

    FYI - look at the roller-64. It's a happy medium between the roller 20 and 100.
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    Thanks for the information. It really helped me!

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