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Thread: TouchPro Wireless Thermostat lost connection can anyone offer advice

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    Question TouchPro Wireless Thermostat lost connection can anyone offer advice

    Unit has two honeywell thermostats - operated well for over 2 years.

    At this point the upper thermostate is no longer contactable via RadioRA2
    A) Not visible via IOS
    B) Not responding to events

    I've tried the following:
    1) Removed in Lutron Application and readded
    The activation process will not find it, but the thermostat will show up as 'Device is Addressed' and doesn't give me the initial stage of 'Device is Unaddressed'

    2) Tried Removing it via hard reset (
    Entering code 710 will do a cycle the system, but repeating step 1 gives same result

    3) Tried setting code 0900 (and yes it is visible) to 0 but as soon as I click done and go back, it still is at 1.

    4) I've removed device AND battery backup - but doesn't change situation.

    I could recommending purchasing another one, but wanted to know if community had any thoughts.

    Installation has a Main Repeater, An Auxiliary repeater, and a Lutron Connect Bridge (BDG2-1)

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    It sounds like the radio is dead. I would check with Tech Support. They may want it back and may offer some discount on a replacement, even the warranty is expired.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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