Hello all,

Not exactly a pressing matter. More of a curiosity matter. I am sending commands to my Radio RA2 main repeater via telnet effectively. However one quirk I keep stumbling upon is the "start flashing" command. (#output,ID#,5) It reacts with any and all IDs I input, however it also always reacts with the exterior patio light. The patio light is a load which is originated from a hybrid keypad, no matter which interior load I select to "start flashing" the patio light also begins to flash. I attempted to change the room of the patio light through the RA2 program, thinking that some internal programming nuance causes any and all exterior lights to flash when a "start flashing" command is sent. Same outcome. I also tried to change the integration ID of the patio light, same outcome. I am out of ideas. Anybody out there have any thoughts?