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Thread: Constantly need to hardware reset

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    Constantly need to hardware reset

    I have 2 battery powered lutron shades in my bedroom that I purchased for amazon alexa and smart home integration.

    They work sporadically.

    Every time I use them I have to hit the hardware reset button on one or both of the shades to get them to wake up. It flashes red and green a few times, then it finally responds for a few minutes before going to sleep and being unresponsive again.

    This is a problem as I use them on a timer which they dont respond to, and that is the reason I spent all this money on these shades.

    I have a range extender.

    I know the range extender is not the problem because I hold the pico remote next to the shades and in the lutron app it registers the remote.

    I must then hit the hardware reset button for the shade to wake up and respond to commands.

    What is wrong with the shades? Is there an easy fix, or is this a bug on lutron's end that is forcing the shades to go to sleep and not respond when a signal is sent?

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    This is very strange.

    Could you please call our 24-hour Technical Support hotline at 1-844-588-7661 and troubleshoot this directly with a technician while you are on site?

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