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Thread: Timeclocks disabled after programming transfer

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    Timeclocks disabled after programming transfer

    Hi there,

    I have a HUGE client setup at a Shopping Mall with 9 HQP6-2 processors. As you can imagine, there are a large amount of programmed timeclocks to turn everything on/off at several times a day. It turns out that every time after transferring a new programming to the system, a LOT of random schedules get disabled. As long as i know, there is no option to enable/disable a timeclock schedule on HWQS Designer, we only set the schedule and it can only be disabled on a smartphone/tablet applet.

    The client has 2 tablets that belongs to their maintenance staff to control the entire thing, and they swear not disabling anything at all.

    What can be happening there?

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    I would think that you would get a warning about owner edits if they were disabling the time clocks on the tablets. I would, as I am sure you did, check the tablets to make sure the time clocks were not disabled prior to uploading.

    In the upper left corner of the transfer screen, there is a "transfer full" check box. Maybe that will eliminate whatever bug is trapped in the processor.
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