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Thread: Have Lutron Caseta turn off light a set time after turning on

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    Question Have Lutron Caseta turn off light a set time after turning on


    I would like to set up a motion sensor (i.e. Smarthings, etc.) that triggers a Lutron Caseta in my garage. After a set period of time, say 60-seconds, I want the Caseta to turn itself off.

    How can one go about triggering such a sequence?

    I have spent time Googling this arrangement but it doesn't seem like there's an obvious solution.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    You can use the Lutron app to track if your phone is connected to your wifi network at home. This can be used too only turn on or off lights... but not a timer. I would also like a timer setting for then I use the away setting on the app.

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    You need a 3rd party automation hub to create your desired automation. The Caseta bridge cannot do it on its own. SmartThings will do it. It integrates with Lutron Caseta via cloud. If you want full local control (works without internet) you need to use a Caseta Smart Bridge Pro that can communicate with 3rd party controllers via Telnet. The easiest and most cost effective one to use for full local control is Hubitat. Adding a Hubitat or SmartThings open up a lot of other automation possibilities as well.

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    Still need Lutron Caseta wall switch and Pico to be timer-like switches...

    18 months have passed since the OP posted their question, plenty of time for the Lutron app to have evolved. I would like to set up a Lutron Caseta wall switch and Pico to be timer-like switches. After a set period of time from the "on" button being pressed, say 60-minutes for my usage, I want the Caseta to turn itself off (turn the lights off). It seems like this could easily be a feature of the app for any specific switch type of device, or even a firmware update for the existing hub if necessary. (I don't want to have to purchase and integrate a 3rd-party hub, like SmartThings, to do this.) Has Lutron added this feature to their app yet, or is there a programming "work-around" for doing this? If not, how can we add this to the Lutron "suggestion box" for Caseta improvements? Thanks!

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    You'd have to call Lutron on this. I know that RadioRA2 and Maestro dimmers have a "timer" feature, but only goes to about 1 minute. It was activated by pressing and holding the dimmer (probably the ON button on Caseta if it works) until the LED readout would start flashing. After the period, the dimmer or switch would turn itself off. I do not have any Caseta to try this on, so I am unsure if this works. You can always call tech support to ask.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    I am wishing to do the same thing. Automatically turn a light off after XXX minutes.Seems simple....Using the app v7.5.1 and Apple HomeKit.Any new info or advice before I shell out time and money to get a pro version, replace my old hub, and figure out this Hubitat just to turn a lights off for kids who don't listen to their parents?;)Thanks

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