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Thread: System events off by random times.

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    System events off by random times.

    I've set my living room shades to raise 10 min prior to sunset and they are running raising 1 hour 15 after they should. My bedroom shades which are supposed to come down 1 hour prior to sunrise are going down 36 minutes before they should be going down. My router time is correct. Can anyone help me? I was just quoted $225 to have my A/V guy come out to look at it and adjust program time. Seems cheaper to buy a different product unless I can fix this.

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    If you have a connect bridge, it should periodically check (via Internet) and correct the time.

    Are the times consistently off? Keep in mind that sunset changes by a couple of minutes each day. If so, the system may have the wrong location information. Sunrise/sunset in Coopersburg varies quite a bit from Raleigh.

    Sunset/sunrise don't necessarily mean dark/light. Sunset in July is still pretty light out. Sunset in January is pretty dark out.
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    If you have the home control + app, make sure the time clock mode is not in the "Away". That randomizes the time by +/- 30 minutes.
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    I have been seeing this also. My personal system did not do my outdoor lights on time today and neither did one of my clients who contacted me.

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    Yes, timing is consistently off. I am fully aware that sunset/sunrise changes every day. I live on the beach so it is extremely evident when sunset occurs. The operation worked find for 1.5 years and now is lagging for no apparent reason, and to fix this I have been told to have our AV guy out at $225 minimum to hook up his computer and determine the problem. My thing is that I can get a cheap Alexa app for less than that to eliminate this Control 4 and gain control myself. So far, Control 4 seems to need so much attention and expense for a regular homeowner. Am I missing some reason to have Control 4 and Lutron vs Alexa and Casita? Thanks Peps

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