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Thread: Lutron Homeworks QS Homeowner Question

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    Lutron Homeworks QS Homeowner Question

    I have a Homeworks QS system and will exceed 100 wireless devices once a home remodel that my wife and I are doing on our house is complete. My Lutron representative is telling me that I have to purchase another processor to go past 100 dimmers. But I have read that the processor I have will accept 200 wireless devices. I obviously do not know, and am getting my knowledge from the internet, but I hate to buy another processor when the stuff I have will work. This remodel is about to break us!!! We went way over budget.

    Can someone who knows this stuff tell me if my QS brain can handle 200 wireless switches (we have some shades too), or do I need to buy the second processor?

    Thanks in advance to all who can answer this.

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    The HQP6-2 has 2 outputs. The HQP6-1 has one. Each output is capable of controlling RF devices, wired QS devices, RPMs, or legacy devices. You can't mix device types on an out put. If you have the HQP6-2, it may be that one output is being used for RF devices and the other for wired devices. If you have one wired keypad, it means you would need a 3rd output to go beyond 100 RF devices.

    Depending on what is on the 2nd output, it may be worth while to convert those devices to RF.
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    Thank you! I believe all of my light switches and shades are wireless. I bet I only have 1 output and that is why my Lutron rep is telling me to buy another processor. I really appreciate your response. Thank you very much.

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