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Thread: Intermittent light level LED behavior

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    Intermittent light level LED behavior

    I have one HQRD-10ND that is exhibiting some odd behavior. The light level LEDs on the dimmer flash and run up intermittently. For example, with the controlled load off, I'll see the top LED go bright, then go off, then the LEDs will run up as if the light was turning on from off to bright, then the LEDS will turn off. This was going on all night, but I couldn't discern a specific time interval.

    The control otherwise seems to work normally. It is controlling a sconce with a 60 watt incandescent. Has anyone seen this before?

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    You are describing a minimum load issue but I believe the minimum for that dimmer is 10 watts. Check the wiring to make sure you have power coming in on the black. I've also seen this when a 3-way/4-way got missed (essentially isolating the dimmer from the load).
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    Thanks, I'll check on those issues.

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