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Thread: Compatible dimmer for Philips Warm Glow PAR20 7 watt

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    Compatible dimmer for Philips Warm Glow PAR20 7 watt

    The model number for this bulb is not on the Lutron list (Model # 9290013173), so I suppose it is recent product. Has anybody identified a compatible Lutron dimmer? Philips was not helpful.

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    Hello Bedgar,
    It appears that we have not tested this particular Philips LED Par20 bulb (Model #9290013173), so won't be able to provide any dimming control model numbers that would provide the best dimming performance.

    If selecting another LED is an option you could use our LED product selection tool, found at This LED selection tool will allow you to generate a list of compatible LED products for all of our LED rated dimming controls. You will all be able to access a testing report for each of the LEDs listed here. The report will provide you with a list of all the dimmers we can recommend for that LED, the amount of LEDs each dimmer can control and the dimming range you will experience.

    Hope this info helps!

    Justin F.

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    Thank you Justin. This bulb gives excellent warm lighting upon dimming. There is no competitive alternative, so I will keep looking for a compatible switch.

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