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Thread: RadiorRa Classic conversion

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    RadiorRa Classic conversion

    Other than being able to use LED, is there any reason to convert a functioning RadioRa Classic to RadioRa 2 ?

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    You can find some LEDs that will work but most of the RRC dimmers have a minimum load of 50-60 watts. You can also adjust the upper and lower trim in RR2 to eliminate some LED issues.

    RR2 offers new devices - appliance modules, RF modules, Pico, battery shades, hybrid keypads, Grafik T dimmers/switches, and thermostats. RR2 can address individual zones within a Grafik Eye.

    The big difference would be the app - owner ability to make adjustments, geofencing, remote access, Alexa/Google/Apple interface.

    The interface with Lutron shades is much improved. With Classic you had a RA/Shade keypad. You could map the buttons to a RA lighting keypad but you could not have lights and shades on the same button like you can with RR2.

    The time clock is vastly improved. It is integral to the main repeater, not a separate device.

    RRC was limited in size. You could link 2 systems with a Chronos but that only gave you 64 zones. RR2 is 100 devices per main repeater. With more repeaters and linking 2 main repeaters via ethernet you can have a much larger system/footprint.
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