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Thread: QS Wireless Shades addressing without serial number, then not working

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    QS Wireless Shades addressing without serial number, then not working

    I'm in QS 12.3 for this particular project and am adding new shades to the job. At least 4 out 17 drives have given me an issue.

    I add them to program and link them. The load up the project. Then I go into activation and the units move by using the "Using PC to flash/wiggle each device". I then hit the ACTIVATE next to the correct shade and get a "Good" in the Activated column and check mark in the next column. But then I see that there is no serial number in the serial number column and then when I upload sometimes it will tell me it is not addressed.

    The only solution has been to factory reset them and deactivate from the program and then activate them again. Sometimes I have even had to delete the shade because I cannot deactivate it.

    Is this a known issue with 12.3. Should I upgrade to 12.4 or higher? Usually things go smoothly with activation. The biggest issue is that some of them are 24 feet high and good thing the scaffolding was still here to redo the process.

    Any help will be useful.
    J. Alexander Luty
    iQ Electronic Interiors, Inc.

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    Upgrading to 12.4 won't hurt. Lutron used to provide detailed info on what each update did. The notes for 12.4 don't really say anything.

    It sounds like a communication issue. Stating the obvious...

    Try moving the repeaters around. I've seen one dimmer in a box activate and the one beside it not.
    Make sure the antenna for the RF adapter is exposed. The metal pocket can cause issues. Sometimes putting the antenna on the bottom edge works. Sometimes I have to leave it exposed.

    I have seen devices respond in addressing, even getting a serial number, then get an error when I upload. I always go heavy on the repeaters. If I think I need two, I add 3. It's cheaper than a service call and, as you said, scaffolding isn't always available.

    ps: Awesome company name!
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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