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Thread: Dimmer Failing

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    Dimmer Failing

    I have a dimmer that appears to just have failed. One light plugged into the circuit comes on dimly, the other not at all. The LEDs on the dimmer will, at times, chase up and down. I believe the dimmer is a 6B38 600 W programmable dimmer.

    Has it finished it's life cycle. Is it safe?


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    The correct model information is MAESTRO MAW-600

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    The dimmer has a minimum 50 watt load. It might be 60w for that model. That dimmer will perform erratically when trying to control LED bulbs.
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    Thanks. I replaced it with a standard switch and discovered one lamp was out. The remaining lamp was 60 watt (incan). So I'll replace the other lamp and then try the dimmer again.

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