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Thread: PD-6WCL-WH - LED panel light pulses every second when turned

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    PD-6WCL-WH - LED panel light pulses every second when turned

    The behavior I see is when you click the on button the lights strobe/pulse ever second.
    If instead of turning on you first click the bright button once, wait a half second for the lowest dim level to kick in, then click on, everything works fine.
    If you click off then on again quickly everything still works fine.

    I've tried adjusting the low level trim but it doesn't help.

    I'm trying to find out whether this is a compatibility problem between the wireless dimmer and the lights.
    We had a contractor install everything so I haven't seen how the wiring was done yet.

    All I can find about the lights:

    I've read about CL vs ELV dimmers. Not sure I understand whether that will help at all.

    Yes I am total noob at this. Hoping someone might recognize "QPlus" or be able to give me some pointers.

    thank you

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    CL dimmers are forward phase (leading edge). ELV dimmers are reverse phase (trailing edge). It is a reference to where on the AC sine wave the dimming takes place.

    In the LED world you will have to match the dimming technique to the driver. I couldn't find any technical data on the Qplus fixtures to indicate which method to use.

    You should contact the manufacturer and ask them. Also ask for a list of dimmers they have tested with the fixture. If they can't provide the info, return them.
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    Thanks for the info. The "manufacturer" if this is really them,,
    Lists "LED lights are compatible with silicone-controlled rectifier type dimmer, ..."
    Which doesn't sounds like anything I've read about the Lutron dimmers. So my assumption is they are not compatible.
    I've seen mention in other posts on this forum about a
    lutmlc-lut which has helped with similar issues.
    Frankly seems like a hack to me and I'd rather everything works out of the box so I'm talking to the contractor about changing them.

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