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Thread: Momentary button like Raise & Lower...

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    Momentary button like Raise & Lower...

    I've got an application where we want to close a switch contact (of an RPM R module) ONLY as long as a given button is held. This is just like the way the raise/lower buttons work with respect to dimming anyway. I was assuming I could use Dual-Action, but something about it (I rarely use dual-action unless for the occasional double-tap) makes me think it won't work. Am I over thinking it? "Press ON" to turn on load, "Release" to turn it off under the Dual-Action settings. Better ideas??

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    With a dual action button type, if the press has lights going on, and the release has lights going off, the lights will be on as long as the button is pressed and held, then the lights will turn off when the button is released.

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