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Thread: Changning Load Types

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    Changning Load Types

    Hi Lutron
    When working on a project, it is not usual for the fixture type to change specification.
    This moment's project has 2 fixtures that changed from LED switched to LED dimming type.
    Ideally, when I edit fixture types I would go to the definition and change the fixture type from LED switched to LED dimming XYZ protocol.
    The QS program I'm working with - 11.5 - tells me the zone is assigned to a non-dimming output and I'll need to unassign the zones before changing dimming type.
    Can we please change this so it offers to unassign all loads of this fixture type instead? It is a drag going back to my panels and hunting around for all the 'fixture type 123" and unassigning them. This is true of dimmers & switches as well.

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    IIRC, the program used to do this. I may be thinking of a previous system. I agree with the concept. The program already displays an error window, it would seem to be a logical step to say, "load will be unassigned, are you really, really, really sure?"

    It would also be nice if the assignment window would stay open when switching between controls and panels.
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    Hi Again Lutron

    20+ panels. Upteen zones. Fixture type and dimming protocol has changed in latest spec package. I am now manually unassigning all of the fixture types that changed so I can update the fixture type and then re-assign them again. Please consider this update to QS if it's a simple tweak in the way the database is handled.

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