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Thread: MS-OPS2 Seems To Have Reversed Its Logic

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    MS-OPS2 Seems To Have Reversed Its Logic

    As in almost total agreement with Arnie in the following post:

    My MS-OPS2 worked FLAWLESSLY for over a year, and like Arnie, my MS-OPS2 just recently started failing also.

    For all that time, my MS-OPS2 ran on the Default settings, except for the Timeout, I set the Timeout to turn the lights off after
    1 minute of no activity, whereas Default is 5 minutes. (As a side note, I wish there were 30 second, and 15 second Timeout
    available, I would use those, because even at 1 minute, once somebody leaves the room, those lights are burning away
    for a solid minute).

    As of recent, my MS-OPS2 has been turning itself on, staying on for about 7 minutes, then off for 10 seconds, and back on
    again, continuing that cycle.

    If I manually turn the switch off by pressing the, "Large Button", the lights go out for 25 seconds, and then they come
    back on again by themselves to reengage again with the above listed cycle.

    In an attempt to correct this issue, I have totally reset the unit by holding both the Large and Smaller button in
    for three light flashes, to no avail. I also then unconnected, unwired the unit completely from the electrical circuit, and let sit for
    a half an hour, and reconnecting once again.

    Not one thing has changed in the room itself, no altercations, it is the same as when the MS-OPS2 worked beautifully.

    When this problem started, I had a sense of relief knowing that all I would probably have to do is totally reset the unit, but
    that did absolutely nothing.

    Love this thing, especially being that the kids never turn the lights out when leaving the bathroon, ...any help?

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    I don't have the instructions in front of me but there is a setting where it attempts to learn usage. I believe you can turn it off.
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    Hello zekereid,

    Thank you for your post!

    One of the suggestions in the original post with Arnie, was to partially cover the sensor. To troubleshoot this, what happens if you completely cover the sensor lens with masking tape (at least 2 layers) and manually turn on the lights VIA the tap switch? Does it still randomly turn on? Please try this after factory defaulting the sensor and for a period of one day. If it still continuously turns on the lights, please email into to further assist you or call our 24/7 technical support line at 1-844-588-7661.

    If it does not randomly turn on while covered, please uncover and program the sensor to low motion sensitivity by pressing the large tapswitch and smaller button on the right hand side only until the sensor lens flashes once.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Julia K.

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