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Thread: Grafik eye GRX-3106-CE

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    Grafik eye GRX-3106-CE


    I am currently working on a rewire of a property with a GRX-3106-CE panel in the living room that controls a number of light fittings including 28 small halogen marker lights around the outside of the room. I have been asked to price to replace these lights with dimmerble led light fittings.

    I have found an Aurora/Enlite product that with a suitable constant current dimmerble led driver will dim. What I want to know is whether there will be any compatibility issues with an aurora dimmerble constant current driver (They say they have not tested them with a Grafik eye) or is there a suitable constant current driver that I can use, that has been tested and is compatible with the panel.

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    Hello Nick merry,
    Thank you for your post.
    If it is a driver we have tested/approved then we would list it here.
    If you are not getting the information you need utilizing the tools on the above webpage then send us an email to Be sure to include the specification sheet of the LED you want to control.

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