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Thread: Alexa doesn't recognize switch names

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    Alexa doesn't recognize switch names

    Everything was working great until I customized the switch names to things that make sense to me.

    Ex: I changed the default"kitchen main lights" to "kitchen ceiling lights".

    Alexa won't recognize the new name and still turns on and off based on the old name. This is not true of other switches I've changed.

    Alexa also doesn't recognize any scene I've created when I say "Alexa turn on (scene name)".

    I've tried changing the names again to see if a re-save was needed to no avail.

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    I figured it out, I had to go into the Alexa app under smart things and delete all the switches and re learn.

    It doesn't automatically update it you change the name... Good to know but seems like an unnecessary step.

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