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Thread: HWI Keypads on QS

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    HWI Keypads on QS

    Looking for a little advice.

    We are proposing an Illumination update to QS. The original Illumination system has 63 keypads spread over 3 Keypad links.
    There are 6 PNL 8's with various RPM's Relays, Etc. and we will replace the Vareos with QS wireless.

    I understand having to buy a license for each link and get a translator.

    My Question - Is there any disadvantage to using the original Illumination Keypads over the native QS keypads?

    Specifically, will the customer be able to edit the keypad programming from the iOS app?

    Any LED Feedback Issues?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Because the HWI keypads are physically addressed, you are limited to 32/link. You will need 1 processor/2 links/2 license fees just for the keypads. That leaves you 1 address for a phantom keypad.

    The HWI keypads use a 15v power supply so you will need a separate power supply.

    I believe you can use the app to adjust levels on HWI keypads. I don't' believe you can add/delete zones.
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    Thanks, Randyc

    That is very helpful

    I knew about the power supply - Forgot the 32 keypad limit.

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