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Thread: PD-6ANS LED light doesn’t turn off completely

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    Got it to work, but in strange way imho

    I have a chandelier with 3 bulbs for which I purchased LED bulbs "Eglo 202316A". When I installed them I had the same ghosting issue mentioned above where they light and dim well (no buzz, no flashing, decent dim range) but they wouldn't turn off when I turned the switch off. In the process of removing them to go back to incandescents, I found a scenario that works. If I leave 1 incandescent bulb in and 2 LEDs, it works perfectly. I dont understand why, but is it possible that having that single incandescent bulb introduces enough resistance on the circuit that the LEDs dont have that min load issue somebody mentioned? Is this going to cause some other issue?

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    I found that replacing a non-dimmable LED with a dimmable LED solved the problem.

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