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Thread: Reconnecting Connect Bridge After Modem Change

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    Reconnecting Connect Bridge After Modem Change

    We have a Radio RA system with a main repeater and the first generation Connect Bridge. We recently changed ISP's from Comcast to Verizon, in the process switching out the modem/router. The main repeater still works but the Connect Bridge does not. The Lutron application recognizes the Connect Bridge but I have not been able to get it to connect to the system. I have tried different IP addresses without success.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I just had this issue swapping to a better router and modem. I opened Essentials and started a simple file (not even the correct one for my home). "Found" the main repeater and Connect Bridge. Then closed the software without transferring anything. Both the main and Connect are now online with my apps. This happened knowing the ip address of both were compatible with the new subnet I was running. Check the ip address of your main and connect and verify they are compatible with the new modem/router. If not, run the trick I described above and change the main's and Connect's ip address to something that will work with the new equipment.
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    I figured out the problem. What I needed to do was to reset the Connect Bridge to factory settings. Because we switched routers I also needed to change the IP address. Finally, I found that my Amazon Echo no longer worked. What I did to fix it was to disable the skill and then reenable it. That forced me to log back into Lutron from the Alexa app. All fixed!

    Hopefully, this will help someone else who encounters these problems.

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    As much as Lutron recommends local static IP addresses for the connect bridge/main repeater, this is why I try to leave things in DHCP mode if it's an average house without an active IT guy on staff. If you have static IP and the owner replaces their router, more than likely, the static IP address you picked may not be available anymore or could be completely gone if they picked a different subnet scheme (went from 192.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x). If you keep things in DHCP, no matter what else they do to the router or internet, it will find and fix itself.

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