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Thread: Replacement Dimmer Switch Question...

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    Replacement Dimmer Switch Question...

    I have a Lutron rotary dimmer switch with locator that is labeled "GL V33-F00521". I understand this to be the model number but cannot locate this style anywhere, nor a new cross-referenced model (if one exists). This switch is one of two in a dinning room. Any guidance to locating a replacement is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Terrance15,

    The number you provided is the serial number. The model numbers for a rotary with a locator light is a DNG-600P-xx for a single pole dimmer and DNG-603P-xx for a 3-way dimmer (xx = color; WH = white).

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Dimmer switch box


    I just installed the switch dimmer DVWCL-153Ph-wh, for my chandelier in the dining room it works but I am worried of overheating because I did not replace the box and seems like stuffed inside. Do I need to replace the box?

    Thank you,


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    Hello Vicky,
    You would want to ensure that you have the wire caps holding the wires together securely fastened and wrapped with a small amount of electrical tape and pushed into the wallbox. If you are concerned about the amount of room in the wallbox and the wiring, our best recommendation would be to consult an electrician who can verify if how it is currently wired is electrically acceptable or if a new wallbox will be required.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Along the same lines, I'm trying to replace a 3-way switch that currently has 2 black wires, a red wire and a ground. The dimmer switch I have is a Lumea C-L LECL-153PH-WH. I'm assuming that the red wire from the old switch would connect to the red/white lead on the dimmer. Of the other two push-in wires on the old switch, how do I determine which wire is the common and which would be the neutral that would connect to the red and black wires on the dimmer switch?

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    Hello Mike_Simpson,
    Of the two black wires you have available in the wallbox to connect to the LECL-153P, the one that does not come into the wallbox accompanying the red wire from the romex will be your "hot" wire and will get connected to the black wire on the back of the LECL-153P. The black wire that comes into the wallbox with the red wire will be connected to the red/white wire on the back of the LECL-153P.

    Hope this information helps!


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    Can't get Lumča switch installed

    I'm stuck here. I had an electrician install (4) 5" flat LED fixtures and a dimmer switch in my drywall ceiling in my kitchen bungalow (no attic access). I gave him the name of the dimmable LEDs we'd bought for a boardroom reno at work. (forget name right now).
    He installed an EATON dimmer that should have worked with the pots. The lights have occasionally flickered - not the LED flickering, but real 'there's a short somewhere' flickering. It became so annoying I haven't used them for a week. I decided I'd start with swapping out the dimmer switch. I was in Lowe's this morning and the electrical guy said that the Lutron Lumča was a good product and should work. Problem 1. I took out the old EATON switch and it was one with side screws. THE LUMČA has lead wires. Problem 2. I didn't mark the wire coming out of the wall that went to the black screw on the EĀTON dimmer. Problem 3: the switch is going into a plastic receptacle box with 2 3-way non-dimmable light switches. Thee doesn't appear ti be room to stuff all thode wires in there without crimping. Problem #4: There are 4 wires coming out of the switch and only 2 wires to hook them up to. The groundmwires are bundled up together in the back of the box with a marette on them. Prob #5:One black wire, one red wire on dimmer as well as red/white which I capped off with blur marette. That leaves one black wire and one red coming off the dimmer as well as one black wire and one solid to the wall coming out of the Xbox. PROB 6: There is no way all the wire will fitback into the wall box. Any ideas??

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    Hello Charlotte T,
    Thank you for your post! Regarding the wiring questions, it would be best to contact us directly here @ Lutron Tech Support (1-888-588-7661) so we can walk through the wiring with you. The situation with the clearance in the wallbox to fit all of the wires in there, this is something that an electrician should be contacted about as you might wind up having to swap the wallbox out with another one that has more physical clearance for such wiring scenarios.

    Hope this info helps!


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