In an upcoming job, we'll be ripping off an ancient lighting system that perhaps the early Aztecs used where they had a grafik eye type of device with low voltage wire going to the walls for keypads in a direct 1 to 1 ratio. We're going to replace those keypads with basic See-Touch keypads which as you know need 120 volt power.

Seeing how the walls are all fancy and there wouldn't be an easy way to run power to the existing hole in the walls where the old keypads are, we decided to order one of the Sola power supplies and use the low voltage wires that are already there. This is in App Note #406 on the resi site for Radio Ra and it's something else for QS but both are the same.

The problem is that this interesting looking 48 volt power supply is a DIN mount. We'll be installing this in a pantry where there is no Din enclosures. In fact, I'm sure the customer doesn't want to see any enclosures. Has anybody ever used these things and just made a junction box (possibly 3 gang) and put a blank cover? Do they make anything like that where there are vents in the cover? This thing was such a pain to find and we had to order it online.